Welcome to TeezThatTalk.com founded by myself Calvin Clidy aka Cal*OG and my best friend Jon Bell aka J*Schema. We’ve been childhood friends ever since High School! We always had a passion for being creative. It all started with Graffiti Art, Fashion and Music. We were always coming up with something fresh and new. That’s what we did then and that’s what we do now! That's how we came up with "Teez That Talk”.

A Self Expression Merchandise Brand with authentic designs created by Jay and myself. We always put our designs on quality merchandise. But what good is having Cool Designs on Quality merch if No One knows about it? So, we thought of many ways to promote the brand eventually that led us to create......“Teez That Talk T.V.”A Unique Entertaining, sometimes Funny!
YouTube Channel to promote the brand and Merchandise while Entertaining the World and putting smiles on people's faces. We all need something to take our minds off the world we’re in for a couple of minutes, now more than ever.
We are devoted to creating entertaining and creative videos.  Humor and laughing are an important part of life, it helps us heal and helps us to remember not to take ourselves too seriously.

We do this because we have a passion for this! We enjoy making people laugh and making them feel good!

Also, we like thank you for showing us so much love and appreciation for what we do with your overwhelming support. Early on when we started this journey, we were told we were too old to do this, and that we just weren’t Funny! 

We know! It doesn’t matter what people think, as long as you stay true to yourself and true to what you do.

Most importantly, there is nothing like having people that really Love what you do and support it because they really enjoy what you do. We Thank you, our        Teez That Talk family for the continued love support
Just so you know, we add new designs on a regular basis. Especially Merchandise from each new Video skit. Also, give us your feedback, tell us what you would like to see. We are committed to making sure we continue to produce authentic quality products that set us apart from anyone else.

Mucho Gratitude!
Teez That Talk
Cal and Jay